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We saw a need for a Premium Foam Cannon designed for the high volume party professional.

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The FoamMaster OG Pro Foam Cannon

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Customer reviews

“The OG FoamMaster is definitely the best foam machine! I have owned multiple foam machines and none compare to the OG FoamMaster!”

Joe Sepulveda, PArty REntal Company Owner

“I knew nothing about the foam industry. I knew I wanted to add it to my party rental company, but was going back and forth on which company to choose. I am so glad I went with the Foam Master OG Pro! This machine has been amazing and Ryan, Nick, and the rest of the team have been very helpful. With such a fast delivery, marketing materials, detailed list of other equipment, and helpful video tutorials I was able to run my first event within 1 week of placing my order! Labor Day weekend we were able to fully book ourselves up and we have already more than paid for the foam investment and I am looking for a 2nd cannon come Spring!”

Michael White, Party Rental Company Owner

“The OG Pro Foam Cannon has been my favorite foam cannon (and we have used several)!”

Duffy Hobbs, Party Rental Company owner

“We love our FoamMaster OG! It is simple to use, and always makes impressive foam! It is well balanced and I love the tightening features that help it stay in the position that works best. It makes it easy and enjoyable for the person leading the party. Our party hosts and guests have never been disappointed!“

Rachael Toomire, Foam Party Provider